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    Affidavit Services

    Affidavits services in noida

    EasyDrafting the Fastest growing platform for Online Affidavit, Agreements, Drafting, Services in Noida, Greater Noida & Noida Extensions.

    Rent Agreement

    Agreement services in Noida

    Get Your Rental Agreement on same day: Offering Online Rent Agreement Service In Noida, Same Day in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

    Attestion Services

    Attestation services in Noida

    We provides all types of certificate attestation services, MEA, HRD, Documents, Document, Apostille, Notary & Embassy attestation.

    Notice Drafting

    Notice-Drafting services in Noida

    Since so long, we were finding the ways to overcome this difficulty and yes we’re proud to say that we got the solution and created


    Getting the right Legal Document as per one’s need is a challenge. For so long, we were finding ways to overcome this difficulty, and yes we’re proud to say that we got the solution and created which people can easily rely and could now get their documents drafted with ease, comfort, and in a very short time. Easy Drafting, is a team of expert professionals composed of Lawyers, Company Secretaries, and drafting experts who using their knowledge, skill & experience has simplified the process of drafting.

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