Gift Deed in Greater Noida

Gift Deed in Greater Noida

A gift deed is a legal document that records the transfer of movables or immovable property from the donor to the done without exchange of money. It is made out of the natural love and affection of the donor for the donee. The person who transfers the property through a gift is known as a donor and the person accepting the gift is known as donee. The donee must accept the gift within the lifetime of the donor and the donor should not be insolvent.

It is necessary for gifts of immovable property to be registered with the sub-registrar of the area where the property or part of the property is situated within 4 months from the date of execution.

A gift deed can be made in some circumstances such as:

  • When the rights of property are transferred as a gift
  • When there is no exchange of money
  • To provide legal representation to the gift being transferred

 Details to be included in Gift Deed

 Following details should be included in the gift deed:

  • Relationship between donor and donee
  • Rights, powers, and authority of Donor
  • Delivery of possession of the property
  • Details of property to be gifted by the donor to the donee

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