Codicil to Will in Noida

Codicil to Will in Noida

In this drastically changing world, it’s not surprising that a person or testator has a change of mind and wants to change in will later on. For making alterations, changes in a previous will without drafting a new will, the codicil will is drafted for Noida. It acts as an additional will to the original will. In Simple words the testator makes certain changes in the will during his lifetime and instead of making a new will he makes a codicil will where he mentions the changes and the rest are the same as in the original will.

Benefits of getting a Leave and License Agreement in Noida

  • It is a written legal deed that protects the beneficiary from legal disputes as to his share.
  • It acts as an addition to the original will thus it is to be considered as a piece of evidence in legal disputes.
  • The deed specifies the changes/ alterations so that there is no ambiguity left.
  • There are no limits as to how many codicil wills a testator wants to make.

How we can help you?

The codicil will be an additional agreement to the original will makes it important that the drafting is done properly and correctly. Our Team at “Easy Drafting” will not also help you draft your codicil will in Noida properly but also make sure that there are no confusions left as to the clauses in the will. We have a Team of Legal Experts who have expertise in drafting legal agreements/deeds. Contact us anytime we are happy to provide you with our assistance anytime.


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