General Power Of Attorney in Noida

General Power Of Attorney in Noida

There are times when a person is not capable of handling his personal or business affairs on his own in Noida. That’s where an Attorney comes into place for handling general affairs in Noida. There are two parties to this agreement, the principal who authorizes the power general attorney and the attorney-in-Fact or agent to whom such general power is authorized in Noida. A general power of attorney is granted to someone to do certain acts on behalf of someone who due to certain circumstances is not able to perform them. The acts related to medical, legal, financial, and business decisions other than those related to real estate. The general power of attorney comes to an end either on the wish of the principle or when the principles die.

Benefits of getting a Power Of Attorney in Noida

  • It is a written legal instrument that protects the right of both the Principle and the agent.
  • The agreement specifies the acts for which the deed is made so that there is no confusion or disputes later on.
  • The agreement specifies the duties, period and covers all important details related to such power given to the agent in Noida.
  • Making an agreement legally binding grants the agent or Attorney-in-fact the power to operate on behalf of the Principle.

How we can help you?

Legalization of General Power of Attorney is not only a legal requirement but is also an essential element to protect the Principle or the Person granting such power from getting his rights violated or being a victim to fraud or unnecessary disputes in his absence. Thus, the drafting of such agreements with due diligence is very important and we at “Easy Drafting” have a team of Professional Experts who have expertise in drafting such Legal agreements. So, leave your worry home and Join us for a cup of tea we will provide you assistance in the best possible way.




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