Commercial Office Agreement in Noida Extension

Commercial Office Agreement in Noida Extension

Owners of Small Business do not have resources to buy a space of their own right at the beginning of the business. Commercial leases are a benefit for such owners but it is advised to have a Commercial Office Agreement. This agreement is signed between business and the owner of property.The agreement outlines terms and conditions under which the owner agrees to let the business occupy the property to carryout activities that are in connection with the functioning of business and also contains details of monthly rent or lump sum amount, maintenance charges and few other rules for both the landlord and the businessman.

Benefits of Commercial Office Agreement

 Commercial Office Agreement helps the parties in dealing with unforeseen and unpleasant situations such as:

  • Disputes related to non-payment of rent;
  • Damages subject to compensation;
  • Disputes related to non-return of leased property;
  • Change of ownership of leased property;
  • Disputes relayed to the transfer of the leased property;
  • Disputes arising due to the early termination of the contract.

How we can help you?

Litigation can cost you time and money. Easy Drafting respects your patience and will work towards a settlement of your dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible. Commercial real estate involves a lot of financial risk and it is in the parties best interests to reach amicable solutions to their problems. We, at Easy Drafting, have a team of renowned property lawyers and legal experts. Call us at any time for drafting the Commercial Agreement in Noida Extension and to schedule a consultation in order to evaluate your situation and begin working towards a positive resolution. Our Services are fast and cost effective.

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