Flat Rental Agreement in Noida Extension

Flat Rental Agreement in Noida Extension

People prefer living in flat as there is more harmony. Tenants show more interest in flats rather than in individual houses. Renting a flat is an increasing concept these days. Each and every person is not rich, there are people who don’t have their own house so they prefer living in a rented flat as they are offered amenities, manicured gardens and some even have mini shopping complexes within them. But there can be problems also between landlord and tenant. It is advisable to have flat rental agreements in order to avoid future conflicts.

Flat Rental Agreement in Noida Extension

Flat Rental Agreement in Noida Extension is the flat rental agreement for the residents of Noida Extension.It is an agreement between the landlord and the tenant through which landlord grants tenancy to the latter. It contains clauses for accessing rights to common amenities. There should not be loopholes in the agreement.

Details to be included in Flat Rental Agreement

Following details should be included in the agreement:

  • Deposit amount, monthly rent, maintenance charges should be mentioned clearly in the Agreement.
  • Common amenities those are available to the tenant
  • Duties and responsibilities of the tenant
  • Right to entry of landlord
  • Consequences of non-payment of rent, overstay etc.
  • Permission to sublet
  • Tenancy termination rules

Benefits of Flat Rental Agreement

Flat Rental Agreement benefits you in many ways:

  • It minimizes the conflicts between tenant and owner.
  • It acts as an address proof.
  • It saves tenant from paying for any damages at home.
  • It acts as a legal evidence.

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