Commercial Agreement in Greater Noida

Commercial Agreement in Greater Noida

Most of the people and company do not have sufficient means to buy a property and use it for a commercial purpose. So, they find a better option to choose the property on rent. Commercial property leasing is an enormous advantage to businesses. It is important for both the parties to do it correctly and carefully, when they are drafting a commercial lease agreement in Greater Noida. A contract must be concluded while renting a commercial property which contains the rights and duties of both the parties. It will help in avoiding disputes between both the parties. The agreement must be mandatorily registered. There are some factors which both parties have to keep in mind and need to cover in the agreement- starting and termination dates; name of landlord, tenant, companies and details of property leased out; amount of rent, deposit and maintenance; interval of rent payment etc.

Important Terms of Commercial Agreement

It is very important to state the mandatory terms or clauses in a Commercial Agreement. The terms or clauses are as follows:

  • Rent Clause
  • Description of Premises Clause
  • Parties Clause
  • Term Clause
  • Use and Exclusives Clauses
  • Improvement and Alternations Clauses
  • Maintenance Clause
  • Insurance Clause
  • Security Deposit Clause
  • Other Clauses

Both the parties must be careful and must check whether their agreement contains the above clauses or not.

How We Help You?

It is rarely necessary to take the case to court in a commercial lease dispute. Litigation can cost you time and money. Easy Drafting respects your patience and will work towards a settlement of your dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible. Dispute resolution is an informal, collaborative process that facilitates communication between the parties and the resolution of problems between the parties. There are always possible solutions. Commercial real estate involves a lot of financial risk and it is in the parties best interests to reach amicable solutions to their problems.

We, at Easy Drafting, have a team of renowned property lawyers and legal experts. Call us at any time for drafting the Commercial Agreement in Greater Noida and to schedule a consultation in order to evaluate your situation and begin working towards a positive resolution. After all, it is always wise to seek advice from a lawyer before signing the lease to be able to draw up a contract that will minimize your risks. Our Services are fast and cost effective.

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