In India, the rate of legal awareness is not very high and there is a lack of implementation of general laws. Therefore, few dishonest employers and companies deprive their employees of their hard-earned money. In such a situation instead of feeling exploited, the employee can send a legal notice for non-payment of salary.

Employees in India do lack knowledge of rights available to them through the constitution and various statutory laws. Non-payment or delayed payment of salary by the employer is one of the most common problems faced by employees during their tenure of employment. The problem is more severe when they request for their last salary payment or payment of unavailed perks pending with employer at the time of resignation or at the end of the employment contract.

If an employer deprives an employee of their salary or delays crediting the amount, then an employee can send a legal notice for non-payment of salary to the employer or the company. To draft a legal notice to recover payments, seek the help of a good advocate. You can also check out a legal notice for non-payment of salary in Easydrafting in Noida, Greater Noida and Noida Extension.

You can send a legal notice for non-payment for salary in India to clear the outstanding dues from the employer, which is also known as a Legal Notice to Company for Full and Final Settlement. This follows a specific format.

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How to Proceed

  • Find and hire a well approved legal delegate /lawyer /legal advisory having experience in dealing with employment issues and matters relating to labor laws.
  • Get a legal notice prepared through him specifying details of employment terms and duration for which salary was not paid.
  • Give a second look to the legal notice prepared, to assure accuracy and affirmation of all facts and figures stated.
  • After all legal attestations and approvals, send the notice to the employerthrough registered post.

Documents Required for Sending Legal Notice to Employer for Unpaid Salary

  1. Copy of employment contract
  2. Proof of unpaid salary through bank statements, etc.
  3. Appointment letter
  4. Details of your salary, benefits, pay and perks

Procedure for Sending Legal Notice to Employer for Unpaid Salary

  1. You must hire the top Employment lawyers in your locality to help you draft a legal notice for the recovery of unpaid dues to be sent to your employer.
  2. The legal notice shall be drafted and sent to you for approval.
  3. The final legal notice shall be drafted incorporating your suggestions (if any).
  4. The legal notice shall be sent to your employer by registered post.
  5. The details of the registered post will be shared with you.

Note: It is always recommended to get the notice prepared within 90 days of default in the payment made by the employer.



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