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It is a process by which legal title to property is transferred. Such documents are generally called deed or instruments. Generally, one may call drafting of a deed as ‘Conveyancing’ but ‘Conveyancing’ is not mere drafting. Conveyancing may be called as process of synthesis of law and the facts in a language form.

Drafting transcriptional documents is crucial to any deal. No matter what area of expertise you may be involved in, the skill of “drafting” is an essential tool. The basis for rights in property and the mode in which they are crystallized is through various transcriptional documents. In real estate deals, a transcriptional document forms “the title” to the property and hence must be carefully drafted and correctly executed. These documents including ancillary documentation/s embody the parties’ rights and interest in the property and hence are of great importance. Drafting, therefore requires a correct conception of law connected with the document, a complete grasp of the facts and a good control over the language of the deed.

The most significant documents in the real estate sector which one while selling of buying a property must ensure that the document must carry all the legal clauses to safeguard the interest are mentioned below:

  1. Agreement to Sell
  2. Sale Deed.
  3. Transfer Deed
  4. Builder Buyer Agreement
  5. Allotment Letter role in providing Real estate/property drafting:

  • PREPARATION TIME 2 days after we receive the details  for preparing the real estate/ property drafting
  • VALUE OF THE STAMP PAPER Depends upon the area of the property and circle rate (Will be provided by us)
  • NOTARY Required Yes (Will be provided by us) specialises in drafting of affidavits, Rent agreement, different contracts & agreements and has an expert team of professionals including Lawyers, Company Secretaries and drafting experts.

The main aim of easy drafting is to draft and provide the document without any hassle which we face in our day to day life while dealing with legal matter. We at easy drafting make this process friendly and provide desired documents and advise to the end user effortlessly and at minimum cost.

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