Same Name Affidavit

Same Name Affidavit

Some people living in our society have several names. While it may sound pleasing that people around you call with different names, it can create problems when there is a name mismatch in your legal documents such as voter ID card, Driving license, Educational certificates, PAN card, passport, school/college leaving certificate (which is required to take admission in another school/college in the same state or other states), marriage documents, birthday documents, medical documents, insurance papers, property papers, bank documents. Such a mistake may look insignificant externally, but it creates great hurdles when you contact different government agencies, institutions, private companies to access their services. For example- A bank may refuse to process a large-scale transaction or open a bank account if there is a mismatch in your AADHAR card and PAN card. There is where you feel the need for the same name affidavit services. 

What Exactly is Affidavit for the same person with different names? 

Always keep in mind that government agencies, departments, the embassies of different countries in India, legal entities, companies, financial firms, etc, have nothing to do with your different names. They will process your request for services only when you have valid documents representing your name legally. In the case of a name mismatch in a different document, they will simply block your request for essential services.

In simple words, same day affidavit is a document filed by applicants before recognized institutions declaring their real name that should be used to process the request for essential services.

How Easy Drafting Helps You?

Easy drafting believes in offering simplified solutions to individuals when they request for same name affidavit Near Me. Whenever you need this service, contact us as soon as possible. We are always available at your service and our professionals are happy to help you. Soon after getting your request for our same name affidavit services, our executives will contact you immediately, take note of your request, and start working on it. They follow the standard procedure for an affidavit for two names of the same person.

We request you to narrate your situation honestly and supply us with valid documents so that we can process your request for the same name affidavit services and get it done by as soon as possible. Our services are professional and transparent. We keep you up-to-date about the work progress and give you a final message once your request for the same name affidavit services is completed successfully. You can have a look at the same name affidavit sample and avail our services. Generate your request now!

About Easy Drafting 

Easy drafting is a service-based company, headquartered in Noida, India. With a team of expert professionals, the company aims to process people’s requests for different essential services and make their lives easier and comfortable. Headed by Sangam Tiwari (mention other names also here if any), the company is lauded for its professional, fast, and cost-effective services in different streams related to documentation. Contact us for all types of documentation services in Delhi, Noida, and
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