Change of Name Affidavit in Noida

Change of Name Affidavit in Noida

Name is an identity of a person; it showcases not only the personality of a person but also their attributes. Thus, a name is a very important personality builder of a person. Residents residing in Noida can get their names changed anytime they wish to. Most people change their name after marriages, due to Astrology or regional reasons, dissatisfaction with name, etc. the process of name change includes a Name Change Affidavit, newspaper Publication, Gazette Publication.

Benefits of getting a Change of Name Affidavit in Noida

  • A name change affidavit legally made acts as identity proof for a person.
  • For the process of verification or identification of the new name the Name change affidavit is an essential document to be shown and submitted.
  • It provides Transparency and ensures accountability to not only the person changing his name but also to all the services which he has availed in his old name.
  • The name change affidavit will get your name officially recognized to the new name.

How we can help you?

Name change affidavit is a very important document not just for now but also for future purposes which makes it very crucial that the affidavit is made properly and correctly. Our Team of Legal Experts at “Easy drafting” will not only assist you in drafting your name change affidavit in Noida but also provide you with help in the best possible way. So, stop worrying choose your new name and contact us now. We are happy to help and assist anytime.

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