Gift deed in Noida

Gift deed in Noida

Noida having the best residential view a lot of time people transfer their properties as a gift to their family members. A gift deed is a legal document where a person voluntarily transfers his immovable or movable property to someone else. There are two parties to a Gift deed the who transfers his property is the donor and to whom the property is transferred is done. To make the gift deed valid it is important that the donee accepts the Property.

Benefits of getting a Gift deed in Noida

  • It is a legal written deed that can be used as evidence in case any legal dispute arises in the future.
  • The Gift deed mentions the movable or immovable property that is transferred and to whom.
  • In case of any rights and liabilities, the deed specifies them.
  • It provides transparency and clarity to both the Donor and the done related to the Gift.

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