Power of Attorney for Property in Noida

Power of Attorney for Property in Noida

Managing Business or personal immovable properties in Noida in today’s time isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And when a person due to illness, or any other factor is not able to manage his property affairs they usually hire a Power of Attorney to manage the said property. The role of such an attorney is to manage the property and its finances related to the property as agreed in the agreement deed. The management of property may relate to the handling of property affairs in relation to their selling, purchasing, or giving the property on rental basis. if no time period is specified in the Power of Attorney agreement in Noida then the agreement is valid till the principle is alive and can be revoked anytime by the Principle.

Benefits of getting a Power Of Attorney for Property in Noida

  • The Agent or Attorney-in-factor can only perform his duties after the agreement is legally authorized.
  • It is a written legal deed that acts as a binding force on the agent and can be used as evidence in case any dispute arises in the future.
  • The agreement deed can be revoked at any time by the Principle if no time period is specified or if the agent fails to perform his duties as specified in the Power of attorney for the property deed.
  • The agreement limits the power of the Agent by specifying the function he can perform and how much power he has over the property.
  • The deed provides transparency to both the Principle and the Agent.

How we can help you?

Getting a Power of attorney agreement for a property in Noida is very important in today’s scenario. Not just for the Principle but also for the agent to protect both the parties from unnecessary legal battles in the future which makes it very important to make the agreement deed very carefully while keeping in view all the latest rules and regulations related to such agreements in the mind. That is where our team at “Easy Drafting” come to help. We have a trusted team of delegated lawyers who would not only help in drafting the Agreement but also answer and clear all your queries and confusion. So what are you waiting for? Call us anytime. We are happy to help and serve you with the best assistance!


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