Residential Lease in Greater Noida

In today’s time with sky reaching prices it is very hard to afford a residential place of your own. So, people usually opt for a Residential place on lease in Greater Noida due to its pocket friendly prices. Where they can enjoy their privacy as well as feel as if they are in their own home. But as the house usually belongs to landlord, it is advisable to get a Residential Lease Agreement. The agreement is made between a landlord and a tenant that protects the rights and welfare of both the parties to the contract.

Residential Lease Agreement in Greater Noida

The Residential Lease Agreement in Greater Noida is a legally binding written contract that contains all the essential terms for renting a place, house or apartment for residential purpose so that there is no confusion or unnecessary conflicts that may arise between the landlord and the tenant in future or during the lease agreement tenure. It is usually signed at the start of the rental tenure and ends on the date specified in the contract. It contains all the terms and conditions that the tenant and the landlord want to add so that they both have a peaceful and friendly relation throughout the tenure. If the leasing period is more than 11 months then the registration of the residential lease agreement is mandatory.

How Residential Lease Agreement Benefits You?

By concluding the agreement, each party is under certain obligations and is responsible for the proper fulfillment of these obligations. The agreement will help you deal with many unforeseen and unpleasant situations:

  • Disputes related to the transfer of the leased property,
  • Disputes related to the payment of rent,
  • Disputes related to non-return of the leased property,
  • Change of ownership of the leased property,
  • Damages subject to compensation, etc.

How We Help You?

We, at Easy Drafting, aim to help you get the flat rental agreement in Greater Noida. We have a team of renowned property lawyers and legal experts. They are knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Contact us at any time for drafting a residential lease agreement in Greater Noida. We are available at your service 24*7/365 days. Just generate a query carrying your request for our services. Our experts will call you to communicate with you regarding your needs. They are familiar with all legal aspects required to prepare the residential lease agreement in Greater Noida. Just place your request now and avail our fast, hassle-free, and friendly legal assistance. We are happy to help you all the time.

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