Legal Notice for Consumer Case is required when a consumer has been cheated by a seller. A legal notice under the Consumer Protection Act is a shield protecting the consumer and enforcing their basic rights. You can send a consumer legal notice, under Section 80 of the Act.

The whole concept of consumer redressal starts when a particular consumer is unhappy with a product or service availed from a particular seller. The basic idea of sending a legal notice is to allow the party time to rectify the damaged good/service or compensate for the loss. A legal notice for consumer case is usually dealt with the help of consumer lawyers who specialise in handling such matters.

The legal notice for consumer cases is a vital concept in accordance with the law. It’s important for the seller to reply to such a legal notice for consumer cases. And contest the said matter in the appropriate forum.

When to send a legal notice for consumer cases?

Sending a legal notice under the Consumer Protection Act involves the following situations:

  • The seller providing the goods or services was unable to fulfill their responsibility of supplying quality goods or services.
  • Dissatisfaction of the consumer with the goods or services provided by the seller.

Therefore, when such scenarios occur, it’s best to approach a good consumer lawyer in India to seek redressal as quickly as possible!

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Basic Rights of a Consumer

  • One of the most basic rights concerned with the protection of consumers against the marketing of any goods or services in any way is that if the product/service proves to be hazardous in nature to property and life. An important point to remember is that any consumer forum legal notice made by an advocate should be in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
  • Another important right which any consumer enjoys is the right to receive access to various services and goods wherever it is possible.
  • All consumers have a right to be heard in the appropriate forums that are made specially to deal with any consumer problems or grievances.
  • Every consumer has the right to seek any form of redressal against unfair trade practices.
  • Last but not least, there is a right to educate every consumer about the goods and services they are dealing with.

Points to Remember for Drafting a Legal Notice for Consumer Cases

  1. The legal notice should contain the name, description, and place of residence/office of the seller of the goods/services.
  2. The legal notice should mention the date from when the issue has taken place.
  3. The notice should mention all the facts and grievances in details with proper dates.
  4. The notice should mention how the seller’s irresponsibility to provide quality goods/services caused the consumer grievance.
  5. Also, it must contain in detail the course of action the plaintiff is planning to take.
  6. It should mention all the previous communications if any made.
  7. It should offer a reasonable time (usually 15 to 30 days to settle the said matter).
  8. Once the notice bears the sign of the lawyer and the sender, the lawyer retains a copy of the same.



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