Legal Notice to Employer

Legal Notice to Employer

Legal Notice is a warning before the matter is dragged to the court. So, when a person sends a legal Notice in India, the first step is to consult a lawyer, on whose letterhead the notice gets prepared as per the legal notice format in India. It is then important for you to draft a legal notice reply to the same since the matter at hand does not remain civil.

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There are numerous reasons for which you may require to send a legal notice to a person or company in India. The most common reasons for which you can send a legal notice to a employer in India are:

Legal notice to the employer for unpaid salarywrongful termination, violation company’s HR policies by the employer, lack of action from the employer in case of harassment at the workplace, or any such employment-related issue.

 How to draft and send Legal Notice to a employer in India?

An experienced lawyer will be able to include all the relevant information in your legal notice and he/she is well aware of how to draft legal notice.

 The following points should be there while preparing a proper legal notice format. Indian advocates should be your preference in this case. These points are as follows:

  • A compact statement of all the requisite facts that led to your grievance and claim.
  • The exact action and relief sought from the person or company to whom you want to send a legal notice.
  • The laws under which you can seek relief or take a needful action from the receiver.

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Legal notice must be drafted with utmost care to include the above-mentioned points to avail the quickest remedy and avoid taking the matter to a court.

Advantages of Good Drafted Legal Notice

A legal notice draft will eliminate the chances of it being challenged or quashed in the court. Once you send a legal notice, you cannot make any changes to it and cannot defend or negate anything mentioned in it.

Therefore, it is important that you seek proper and expert legal help to send a legal notice to a employer in India.


The important steps that one has to follow while they send legal notice to a person or company are:

  • You must hire good lawyer with good drafting skills to write a legal notice on your behalf. You need to draft the legal notice in a language understood by the receiver. Also, it must address to the person or company who has caused you the grievance.
  • You must provide all the necessary details relating to the names of the people involved. From their address, contact information, grievance caused and its date and time when it was caused. Also mention the previous attempts of contacting the person or company for resolving the dispute. And any document or evidence in relation with the grievance.
  • The good lawyers note all the details and collect the documents you provide and create a timeline to draft a legal notice.
  • The lawyer then drafts a legal notice in a language that both the sender and receiver understands. He/She mentions the reason for sending legal notice either physically or send legal notice online. Indian law stipulates that the conditions have to be followed within a reasonable period of time of 30-60 days.
  • The legal notice is drafted on the lawyer’s letterhead, signed by the civil lawyer who has drafted the legal notice and you and sent to the person or company.
  • Later, you can send the legal notice via mail or post – speed post or registered post.

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