Residential Lease in Delhi

Residential Lease in Delhi

 It is very difficult to afford a residential place of your own in Delhi. So, people opt for Residential Place on lease due t6o its pocket friendly prices. It is advised to get a Residential Lease Agreement in order to avoid any conflict.

The Residential Lease Agreement in Delhi is a legally binding written contract that includes all the basic terms for renting a property, house or apartment for residential purposes, so that there is no ambiguity or unnecessary dispute that may occur between the landlord and the tenant in the future or during the lease period. It is usually signed at the beginning of the rental period and ends on the date specified in the contract. It includes all the terms and conditions that the tenant and the landlord would like to add so that they have a secure and cooperative relationship during the tenure. If the leasing duration is more than 11 months, registration of the residential lease is mandatory.

Benefits of Residential Lease Agreement

It helps in avoiding any kind of disputes which may arise in future between landlord and tenant regarding transfer of leased property, payment of rent, non-return of leased property, damages which may be subject to compensation etc.

Details to be included in Residential Lease

  • Duration of contract
  • Rent, Security deposit etc.
  • Code of conduct
  • Consequences of breach of contract
  • Dispute resolution
  • Contract Renewal conditions

How we can help you?

 Residential lease should be drafted carefully to ensure peace and harmony between both the parties. You can draft it yourself but there can be mistakes which you are not aware of. So, you can Contact us at Easy Drafting for drafting of your residential lease agreement. We have a team of drafting experts. Contact us now and avail our services.

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