Address Proof Affidavits

Affidavits are written statements used to declare facts in writing and can either be used as support documents or as evidence in Courts. An Address Proof Affidavit is a document used to legally prove a person’s address.

If a person does not have any supportive document to show as an address proof then he can draft the Address proof Affidavit on Stamp Paper and use it as a valid address proof.

Affidavits of residence require the deponent to mention the following details:

  • Permanent address
  • Current address
  • Police station under which the residence falls
  • A post office under which the deponent’s residence falls
  • Circle, ward, and district to which the deponent’s residence belongs

Some Uses of Address Proof Affidavit:

  1. For Vehicle Registration– The Applicant can provide the Address Proof Affidavit is a Document acceptance for address proof for the vehicle registration.
  2. For Driving License – The Address Proof Affidavit can be used by the applicant to apply for the Driving License and it will consider as valid address proof.
  3. For Pan / Sim card  – The Affidavit can be used as proof of residence for applying for the Pan / Sim card.
  4. For Bank Account– The Affidavit can be used as proof of residence for opening the Bank Account.
  5. For Passport– The Address Proof Affidavit might be used for Passport depending upon the Department t whether they will accept it or not. Generally, they demand the Registered Rent Agreement as a supportive Document for Address Proof. role in providing Name Change Affidavit:

  • PREPARATION TIME – 30 minutes after we receive the details  for preparing the Address proof  affidavit
  • VALUE OF THE STAMP PAPER- Rs. 10 (Will be provided by us)
  • NOTARY – Required (Will be provided by us) specializes in drafting affidavits, Rent agreements, different contracts & agreements and has an expert team of professionals including Lawyers, Company Secretaries, and drafting experts.

The main aim of easy drafting is to draft and provide the document without any hassle which we face in our day-to-day life while dealing with legal matters.

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