Power of Attorney for NRI in Noida

Power of Attorney for NRI in Noida

Currently, Noida is one of the best options to make investments whether in business or at residential places. Due to Noida’s affordable prices, a lot of NRI’S have their properties in Noida. As they do not reside in India it sometimes becomes difficult to manage their properties in India so they appoint Power of Attorney to handle their properties and affairs in India during their absence. The Power of attorney is attested by the Indian Embassy and registered in India. The power of Attorney for an NRI is not limited to property but also for operating banks, finances, renting or buying or selling real estate, etc.

Benefits of Getting a Power of Attorney for Property in Noida

  • The agreement mentions the purpose for which the agreement is made and how it is to be executed
  • It is a written legal document; the principal can use the agreement as evidence in case any dispute arises owing to fraud. The principal would not be held liable for it if he proves his obviousness.
  • The Power of attorney agreement makes it convenient and hassle-free for the Principle to manage his estate in India.
  • The NRI will not have to worry about coming to India for every transaction as the agent having authorization can handle such Transactions.

How we can help you?

The Power of attorney for an NRI should be drafted in such a manner that it includes all the necessary powers required for its execution in Noida. Which makes it important that the agreement is made in such a manner that there are no loopholes in the deed. We at “Easy Drafting” have a team of Professional Lawyers who have expertise in Drafting legal agreements. Contact or message us any time and we will not draft your agreement but also answer all your queries relating to the agreements in Noida.


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