Affidavit of Employment

Affidavit of Employment

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Employment is very important when you look for certain services such as buying a property, purchasing new land, apartment, credit card, a loan, etc, the company or the concerned agency always asks for the source of income or affidavit of employment services to ensure that you are financially capable of bearing the fiscal responsibilities of the services. To avoid any counterfeit activities, companies ask for an affidavit from employment agencies. This is where you need the affidavit of employment near me.

What Exactly is the affidavit of employment verification?

In simple words, self-employment is a document filed by applicants in which they declare their employment status with proper details. It gives agencies an overview of your net income, financial capabilities, allowing them to know whether you can bear the financial cost of a particular service or not. Government agencies conduct strict scrutiny when you generate your request for an employment verification letter for affidavit of support.

How we help you?

At easy drafting, we have a team of experts who are always ready to offer you a helping hand when you apply for a pre-employment affidavit or affidavit of self-employment income. Just generate a request for the service and leave the rest to us. Soon after getting your request, our experts come into action and start processing your application. We follow the standard procedures to process your request and get the work done. You can see the affidavit of employment sample/affidavit of self-employment sample on our website to know how we work. We keep you up-to-date about the progress made on your work and get a final update once it is done. We are professional and transparent in our services. We request you to provide us with accurate details and documents so that we can process your request easily and get the work done quickly.

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Delhi and Noida

Service Processing Days

2-3 days

About Easy Drafting

Easy drafting is an established and seasoned company headquartered in Noida with a team of expert professionals. Owned and operated by Sangam Tiwari and other associates, the company aims to offer a helping hand to all those who look for document services in Delhi and Noida, Just generate a request on its website to access its services. Its services are available all round the clock. You get the request services promptly. Use our services now for different types of documentation services.


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