Special Power of Attorney in Greater Noida

Special Power of Attorney in Greater Noida

 Special Power of Attorney is a document that authorizes the agent or the attorney in fact to act in the capacity of the grantor under specific circumstances. The document needs to be drafted with precision.

Details to be included in the special power of attorney

There are necessary particulars that should be in a special power of attorney:

  • Details of Grantor
  • Details of Attorney
  • Reasons for granting power
  • Details of performing an act
  • Date and Place
  • Signature of Grantor
  • Signature of two witnesses

Benefits of Special Power of Attorney

  • Special Power of Attorney is a legally binding document that protects the parties from unnecessary disputes or confusions that may arise in the future relating to the power.
  • Special Power of Attorney specifies the time period for which the agreement is valid so that the agent does not misuse the power granted to him.
  • It provides clarity to both the Principal and the Agent.

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