Car Parking Agreement in Greater Noida

Car Parking in Greater Noida

Car Parking Agreement – In the current scenario, owning a car is a necessity. Increase in vehicle sales often mean higher noise, surprise and mostly congested traffic and a lack of parking. In this situation it is a task to find suitable parking spaces for vehicle owners. Car owners are always looking for safety space during off activity hours to secure their vehicles. The demand for organized parking spaces has risen tremendously. Paid parking, contractual parking is new concepts. In return for a fixed sum, landlords and owners leave parking space for tenants. Professional parking service firms are renting lands and converting them into common space for exclusive carports.

Car Parking Agreement in Greater Noida

Car Parking Agreement in Greater Noida is a written agreement between the owner of the property and the organization or person who wishes to rent out the parking space, which gives the right to use the parking space in accordance with the agreement.  The agreement can either be set for a fixed term or on a month to month basis.

What should be included in the Car Parking Agreement?

The agreement should cover the following:

  • Term of License
  • License fees and Security Deposit
  • Rights and responsibilities of the owner
  • Rights and responsibilities of the parker
  • Details of Termination

How Car Parking Agreement Benefits You?

The rights and obligations of the owner and parker are governed by the Car Parking Agreement. It creates and manages a legal relationship between the parties. In the absence of agreement, the owner will not be able to evict the parker’s vehicle in case of a dispute; disputes may arise due to damages, non-payment of rent etc.

How We Help You?

Everyone is not familiar with the rules and regulations applicable in reaching an agreement. We, at Easy Drafting, are ready to help you in this regard. We have a team of expert professionals in this sector. You can contact us to seek consultation or to draft a Car Parking Agreement. We are happy to help you.

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