Office Sharing in Delhi

Office Sharing in Delhi

 Due to their favorable business climate, people prefer to start in Delhi. A start-up property needs a great deal of financing and capital. A small business cannot afford a business office or a business location alone because it lacks enough money to start its business. The best and inexpensive choice for these enterprises is therefore partnership. Shared offices have the basic facilities required to run a business efficiently, and that doesn’t mean you need to invest a lot of money. An Office Sharing Arrangement is preferred to avoid disputes.

The Office Sharing Agreement in Delhi is a contract between your company and the owner of the office place by which you are allowed to share the office place with other companies. The terms of leasing, code of conduct, contract duration etc. are set out in the agreement. Both parties are required to abide by the agreement.

Benefits of Office Sharing Agreement

  • The agreements specify who can use the office room and in what way.
  • The agreement shall help to prevent unnecessary disputes which may occur between representatives of the joint office and between the company and the owner of the office.
  • Protects the interests of the owners of the workplace and their employees.

Details to be included in Office Sharing Agreement

Following should be included in the agreement:

  • The names and details of members party to the office sharing agreement;
  • The term of the contract that includes execution, expiration dates and notice period;
  • Specific clauses on sharing of the office equipment, systems and the utility bills;
  • The rent amount sharing matrix and consensus on access to common spaces.

How we can help you?

We have a team of renowned property lawyers and legal experts who are experienced professionals. Our team will provide you assistance in drafting the office sharing agreement. They are familiar with all the legal aspects needed to draft the agreement. You can also contact our team in case you want to consult regarding any matter.

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