Office Sharing in Noida Extension


Office Sharing in Noida Extension

People prefer starting their business in Noida Extension due to its favorable business environment. Purchasing a property for startup involves a lot of funds and resources. A small business can’t afford office or a commercial place alone as they do not have sufficient resources to start their venture. Sharing offices is best option for those companies as it provides all the basic facilities required for the smooth running of a company and you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that. To avoid any conflict it is advised to have an Office Sharing Agreement.

Office Sharing Agreement in Noida Extension

The Office Sharing Agreement in Noida Extension is an agreement between your company and the owner of office place is given to you for using it with other companies. The agreement contains all the terms and conditions regarding the rent, code of conduct, term of contract etc. Both the parties should abide by the agreement.

Details to be included in Office Sharing Agreement

Following details should be included in the office sharing agreement:

  • The names and details of members party to the office sharing agreement;
  • The term of the contract that includes execution, expiration dates and notice period;
  • Specific clauses on sharing of the office equipment, systems and the utility bills;
  • The rent amount sharing matrix and consensus on access to common spaces.

Benefits of Office Sharing Agreement

  • The agreements defines who shall use the office space and in what way.
  • The agreement helps in avoiding unnecessary conflicts that may arise between the office sharing members and between the company and the office owner.
  • It protects the rights of the office sharing owners and their employees.

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We, at Easy Drafting, have a team of renowned and professional lawyers who are expert in real estate and well versed in the law and can draft a contract that best match your needs and concerns. We’ll save you the expense of future lawsuits. Contact us any time for drafting an office sharing agreement in Noida Extension. We are happy to help you.

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