Apostille Attestation

Apostille Attestation Services 

Document attestation is now an important procedure when you apply for jobs, travel in foreign countries, higher education in your favorite country, medical tourism, etc. With document attestation, relevant authorities determine the legitimacy of submitted documents and allow applicants with genuine degree holders to avail of the requested services.

What Exactly is Apostille Attestation?

In simple words, an apostille is a particular type of document attestation recognized by all nations that agreed to the Hague Convention. So, basically, it’s an international attestation that is valid in about 92 countries. Most western countries recognize an apostille.

You must know that the Apostille stamp is a square-shaped computer-generated sticker stamp. It is posted on the reverse side of your documents, issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. It is a computer-generated stamp with a unique identification number. It allows all member countries of the Hague convention to check the legitimacy of documents of candidates online. In normal situations, once your document is apostilled, no further document attestation from the concerned embassy is needed.

Hassles Faced by People

Apostille Attestation is not a child’s play as assumed by many folks. A strict background check is done by countries to verify the legitimacy of documents. It takes a considerable amount of time and a huge pile of applications makes the matter worse, thus keep you in long waiting lines. It causes frustration and disappointment among candidates.

How We Help You?

Easy Drafting is a helping hand for all those who seek document attestation services with higher professional standards, 24-hour availability of services, prompt response to questions and concerns, affordable service fees, etc. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we are here to help you. Just contact us at any time and generate your request. One of our executives will respond to your calls immediately and help you as per your needs. We follow the standard procedures for apostille Attestation and get your documents attested as soon as possible. We request all of you to supply us with only documents so that we can process your request for an apostille attestation. Our services are transparent and professional. We keep you updated about the status of your request, work progress, any issue in real-time, helping you to get the latest updates. Call us now!

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