Power Of Attorney in Noida

Power Of Attorney in Noida

There are times when a person due to some reason or unforeseen circumstances is unable to manage his affairs in Noida then it becomes necessary to appoint a Power of Attorney in Noida to look after such affairs. A power of attorney legally gets all the rights of that person. A power of attorney can be either full authority or limited authority depending on the terms of the agreement. Generally, a Power of attorney is given to a trusted family member or a Legal authority/Person to look after the affairs in absence of the Owner. The document regarding the Power of Attorney can be revoked, renewed, or canceled on the wish of the person granting such power.

Benefits of getting a Power Of Attorney in Noida

  • It is a legal written document that protects the right of the person granting the power of attorney and to whom the power of attorney is being granted.
  • The agreement specifies the authorities which are granted to the attorney.
  • The agreement comes in handy in cases of legal disputes.
  • A Power of attorney agreement provides transparency regarding the affairs to be handled by both parties.
  • The Power of attorney Agreement provides rights and obligations for the holder of such agreement.

How we can help you?

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