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Document Attestation Services

At a time when forged documents are flooded in the market, educational institutions, companies, banks, financial organizations, government agencies, etc, ask for attested documents from people when they apply for jobs or employment, seek a visa to travel abroad, seek insurance claims, etc. In several cases, Individuals got good jobs using fake documents. So, documentation attestation is an important process in today’s work environment.

The Concept of Document Attestation

In simple words, document certification is an essential procedure to check the legitimacy of documents submitted by individuals for different purposes. Let’s understand with an example- Suppose you are applying for a central government job in India. After the clearance of preliminary written test, physical test, and interview, the relevant government will ask for all documents related to your education, extra-curricular activities, medical status, marriage, etc.

The agency conducts an all-inclusive investigation to verify that all documents submitted by you are genuine. If any document is found to be false, your application is rejected by the authority and legal actions may be taken against you for using forged documents to get government jobs. The same process is followed in other cases also.

Important of Document Attestation 

Document attestation is of great significance. It helps different parties: 

  • Entity: How Document Attestation benefits them?
  • Individuals: Incompetent individuals are successfully prevented by availing high-value jobs, business opportunities, financial benefits, etc. Only eligible candidates get what they deserve.
  • Companies and government agencies: They get rid of fraudulent individuals. Only competent and worthy candidates get the requested services.
  • Middleman is omitted: Their efforts to arrange fake documents for people are failed. Such people are legally pursued by law enforcement agencies.

Different Types of Document Attestation
It also saves the valuable resources of a company, law enforcement agencies, and the government.

  • State Attestation

It is done by states when you apply for jobs and other services. In this process, mainly your educational certificates are attested.

  • MEA Attestation

It is conducted by the ministry of external affairs when you need a visa to travel abroad.

  • Embassy Attestation 

It is done by the Embassy of the country you want to travel abroad.

How We Help You? 

Document attestation becomes a troublesome work in some cases when any authority refuses to verify your document due to some reasons. Also, too many applications cause a delay in the processing of your application. Are you also facing troubles in the document attestation process? If yes, then resort to Easy Drafting ASAP. Here, we have a team of experienced, professional, and knowledgeable experts. Call us for the document attestation.

We are always ready to help you. When we receive your request, our experts act promptly and take all necessary steps to get your documents attested by relevant authorities. To avail uninterrupted services, you are requested to provide us with “original documents” issued by recognized schools and colleges.

Only then we will be able to help you in an easy way. Our document attestation services are fast, transparent, and consistent. We update you on the progress of your work in real-time via instant communication channels. Call us now!

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