Flat Rental Agreement in Delhi

Flat Rental Agreement in Delhi

Apartment rentals have exactly the same formalities as house rentals. However, the contract is different. As you may know, a contract is concluded between the landlord and the tenantunder which the landlord grants the tenancy. But this process may include risk for both the parties. So, it is always advised to get a flat rental agreement to avoid any conflict between the landlord and the tenant.

A flat rental agreement is the agreement for the residents of Delhi. The agreement determines the procedure and conditions under which the landlord rents apartment to tenant. It contains all the conditions for renting an apartment.

What should be included in Flat Rental Agreement?

The following should be included in flat rental agreement:

Deposit Amount, monthly rent etc.

Common Amenities

Tenant’s duties & responsibilities

Tenancy Termination Rules

Consequences of non-payment of rent, overstay etc.

Benefits of having Flat Rental Agreement

It will help you deal with many unforeseen and unpleasant situations:

  • Disputes related to the transfer of the leased property (the property was not transferred on time, transferred in an improper condition, transferred by an unauthorized person, or without the consent of all owners),
  • Disputes related to the payment of rent (rental arrears, refusal to return overpayment or security payment, unlawful increase in rent),
  • Disputes related to non-return of the leased property,
  • Change of ownership of the leased property,
  • inseparable improvements to the leased property made at the expense of the tenant,
  • Damages subject to compensation, etc.

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