House Rental in Noida Extension

House Rental in Noida Extension

On one side, there are people who own house in Noida Extension. They do not reside there and prefer renting their house. On the other side, there are people who do not have sufficient means to purchase a house, so they prefer living in a rented house. While renting a house or living in a rented house, they need to have a house rental agreement which will protect you from any future conflicts.

House Rental Agreement in Noida Extension

House Rental Agreement in Noida Extension is the house rental agreement for the residents of Noida Extension. The agreement sets out the process and conditions under which the house owner rents a house to a tenant. All the conditions for renting a house are set out in the agreement. All parties enter and abide by an agreement. The landlord provides the tenant with temporary ownership and the use of their specific property. In exchange for it, the landowner gets the agreed rent every month. Thus, the owner, lessor gets satisfaction by getting the agreed amount of letting his property and the tenant, lessee gets satisfaction of getting a house on rent within their budget.

Benefits of House Rental Agreement

The agreement helps in many unforeseen and unpleasant situations:

  • Disputes related to transfer of the leased house
  • Disputes related to payment of rent
  • Disputes related to non-return of leased house
  • Change of ownership of leased house
  • Damages subject to compensation, etc.

Details to be included in House Rental Agreement

Following details should be included in the House rental Agreement:

  • Deposit amount, monthly rent, maintenance charges should be mentioned clearly in the Agreement.
  • Common amenities those are available to the tenant
  • Duties and responsibilities of the tenant
  • Right to entry of landlord
  • Consequences of non-payment of rent, overstay etc.
  • Permission to sublet
  • Tenancy termination rules

How we can help you?

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