Revocation of Power of Attorneyin Noida

Revocation of Power of Attorneyin Noida

A power of attorney is made to grant power to an agent to perform some certain functions on behalf of the Principle in Noida. But due to some unforeseen circumstances or on the will of the principle the Power of attorney deed can be revoked. Some of the reasons for which the power of attorney in Noida can be revoked if the reason for which such deed was executed has been fulfilled, or the principle has lost trust on the agent or he has found some other agent more capable of performing the functions or the agent can no longer perform his duties and there is breach of contact. Under such circumstances the Power of Attorney deed in Noida can be revoked or cancelled.

Benefits of getting a Revocation of Power of Attorney in Noida

  • The Revocation of Power of Attorney agreement makes it legally binding and enforceable.
  • It protects the principle from unnecessary legal disputes regarding revocation of the deed.
  • The revocation of Power of attorney agreement makes it easy and hassle free for the Principle and the agent.
  • The principle gets all the powers back on the property for which the deed was executed for and if he wants can file a New POA.

How we can help you?

The Revocation of Power of attorney is made to revoke or stop the agent from performing or carrying out functions on behalf of Principle. It can either be drafted after the purpose for which the Power of attorney was granted to the agent is fulfilled or anytime during the tenure of the Deed. Which makes it important that the revocation deed is drafted by set of experienced lawyers. Our team at “Easy Drafting” not only expertise in drafting legal documents but also provided consultancy. Contact or message us any time for any query. We are Happy to Help and assist you in the best possible way.


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