Power of Attorney by NRI in Greater Noida


Power of Attorney by NRI in Greater Noida

If you are living outside of India and have properties or non-property transactions in Greater Noida, U.P., India and cannot come to Greater Noida every now and then to complete your transactions, then you need to entrust someone who stays in India to do that for you on your behalf. For that, you need to create a Power of Attorney deed in favor of a sincere and trustworthy person. You don’t need to come to India to create the Power of Attorney deed. You can do the same from whichever country you are living in. Power of attorney needs to be attested by the Indian Embassy and registered in India.

  • If you wish to give all the rights relating to your properties, banking, legal proceedings, tax payments, etc., then you should create a General Power of Attorney.
  • If you wish to give the power of attorney to do any specific action and after the act is done the power comes to an end then you should create a special power of attorney.

Procedure for Power of Attorney by NRI

Draft the Deed

Print it on Plain Paper

Attestation by Indian Embassy/Notary

(Send to India)

Register Power of Attorney at Team Legal

Details to be included in the Power of Attorney

 The deed should contain the following particulars when you are making the Power of Attorney from outside India:

Details of Grantor- Name, Age, Foreign Address, Indian Address, and occupation of the Grantor should be mentioned in the Deed.

Details of Attorney- Name, Age, Address, father’s name, and occupation of the Attorney in whose favor the deed has been made should be mentioned.

Reason for Power of Attorney- Why you are making this deed and for what purpose should also be mentioned.

Date of Commencement- The date, when the Power of Attorney comes into force, should be clearly mentioned.

Signature- The signature of the Grantor should be on all the pages and also on the last page.

Benefits of Power of Attorney by NRI

The Power of Attorney can be an easy way for NRI to have another person who can handle his legal or financial matters when NRI is not able or competent to handle his matters himself because of his nonavailability in the country.

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