Leave and License Agreement in Noida

Leave and License Agreement in Noida

Looking at today’s scenario there are a lot of times when the tenant has overstayed their stay and didn’t leave the premises after the tenure of stay has ended. To avoid such conflicts and unnecessary fights the owner prefers to make a leave and license agreement in Noida. Where there is no creation of interest in the property located in Noida. There are two parties in the leave and license agreement, the licensee and the licensor. Leave and license agreement is different from lease and rental agreement as there is no creation of a property right in the former. The Licensor grants permission to the licensee to use the immovable property for a fixed period of time. It is governed by the Indian Contract Act.

Benefits of getting a Leave and License Agreement in Noida

  • It is a legal written document that protects the interest of both the licensor and the licensee.
  • The Agreement specifies the time period for which the permission to use immovable property by the Licensor, thus making the eviction process easier.
  • Getting a leave and license agreement makes not only the property safe but also protects the licensor/licensee from unnecessary legal disputes.
  • The Leave and license agreement makes sure that there is no transfer of interest or property rights created in favor of the licensee.

How we can help you?

Getting a leave and license agreement is not just a legal requirement now but also an essential requirement to protects one’s rights. Thus, it is very important that all the details are mentioned so that there are no legal disputes in the future. And to make sure that you have a stress-free life after giving permission to use your property to someone else we at “Easy Drafting” are here at your service. We have a team of legal experts who have expertise in drafting Legal Agreements. Contact us anytime and join us for a cup of tea! We are happy to help and assist you.

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