Will In Favor Of Multiple Beneficiaries in Delhi

Will In Favor Of Multiple Beneficiaries in Delhi

Will is a document by which testator gives his property or any other asset to his family members or other beneficiaries after his death. The details should be mentioned clearly in the will and there should not be ambiguity, words should not be confusing or meaningless.Registration of will is not compulsory but a registered will always help in avoiding conflict between family members and nobody can question the validity or authenticity of will.

Details to be included in Will

The following details should be included in a will:

  • Details of Testator
  • Details of Beneficiaries and their share
  • Details of Property
  • Assets should be described specifically
  • In case of beneficiary who is minor, then the details of guardian for minors
  • Executor of Will
  • Date and Signature

Benefits of Will

  • There is no ambiguity as to who will get what share.
  • It helps in avoiding conflicts between the family members.
  • Property is shared as per the testator’s wish.
  • It reduces inheritance tax.

 How we can help you?

There should not be any ambiguity or confusion in the Will as it may give rise to conflict between the members of family. In such a situation, you can contact us Easy Drafting to draft your will.  We will assist you in every best possible way.

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