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The Company Constitution is a legal document that sets out the rules and regulations of how a company is to be internally governed, and how it will conduct its business activities. It also stipulates the rights and relations of various members of the company, including its directors and shareholders.

The Company Constitution is a mandatory document that must be submitted as part of a company’s incorporation process. You have to submit this document to continue with the registration process.

Drafting your Company Constitution is a process that has to be well thought-out, and there are many factors to consider. Here are the important factors that you should take into consideration as you draft your Company Constitution.

  1. Business Objectives – Consider what goals you have for you and your company, and what your company seeks to achieve.
  2. Decision-making Structure – If you have a desired set of structures for running your company, you should look to implement it in your Company Constitution, while still complying with legal and compliance regulations.
  3. Specific Rules & Regulations – Certain regulations that align with your company’s mission and values profile are not always found in the general form of a Company Constitution.
  4. Mandatory Sections – These include a Name Clause stipulating the name of the company, Liability Clause defining the liabilities of members, Subscriber Clause which states subscribers’ particulars and amount of shares that they hold.

Apart from the Constitution of the company i.e. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association there are various other agreements, contracts, documents, Affidavits, Memorandum of Understanding which a company require during the course of its business. Some of the important contracts, agreements are mentioned below:

  1. Shareholders Agreement
  2. Commercial Agreement / Contracts
  3. Vendor Agreements
  4. Marketing Agreement
  5. Joint Venture Agreement
  6. Memorandum of Understanding
  7. Business Collaboration Agreement
  8. Technology Agreement
  9. Licensing Agreement
  10. Other general or commercial agreements or contracts as per Companies need role in providing CORPORATE/ COMPANY DRAFTING 

  • PREPARATION TIME 2 Days from the date of receipt of details for preparing the corporate/ company  drafting
  • VALUE OF THE STAMP PAPER Depends upon nature of Agreement (Will be provided by us)
  • NOTARY Required (Will be provided by us) specializes in drafting of affidavits, Rent agreement, different contracts & agreements and has an expert team of professionals including Lawyers, Company Secretaries and drafting experts.

The main aim of easy drafting is to draft and provide the document without any hassle which we face in our day to day life while dealing with legal matter. We at easy drafting make this process friendly and provide desired documents and advise to the end user effortlessly and at minimum cost.

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