Renting in a Mall in Greater Noida

Renting in a Mall in Greater Noida

Large shopping malls are expanding their wings in Greater Noida. They provide various advantages to the inhabitants of Greater Noida. People opt for opening shops in malls due to the increase in number of visitors on daily basis. People prefer to buy from mall as malls provide them one stop solution for their needs.

The rent of shop is quite high in malls of Greater Noida. So, to protect the interest of the shop owner and the landlord of the shopping center, it is advised to have a shopping Center Lease Agreement.

Shopping Center Lease Agreement in Greater Noida

The shopping center lease agreement in Greater Noida is an agreement that specifies both the rent and the tenure for which the tenant will occupy the shop place. The agreement also contains all the necessary provisions for the protection of both tenant and the landlord. It is legal binding written agreement. The agreement may contain limitations on the type of business the tenant can run and there may be requirements that the landlord shall not rent space in the same location to a direct competitor. Both the parties are supposed to abide by the agreement. Some components of the agreement are name of the landlord, tenant; premises; term; rent; payment of rent; occupancy and permitted use etc. The agreement eliminates conflicts between landlords and tenants regarding rent, damages etc. It protects the rights of both the parties.

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