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Visit and get your rental / Lease Agreement in Noida online. Get Govt Certified Stamped Rental Agreement Delivered to Your Home. Noida’s Best Service. Ensure Safety. Govt Approved  Stamped. Types: Rent Agreement in Noida, Tenant Verification.

Rent Agreement in Noida, Services Near Me

Are you planning to shift to a new house in Noida, are you a student shifting in any P.G. or taking any room on rent. Are you moving to Noida taking any flat, room, or residential accommodation for living purposes on rent? Then the first and foremost important thing is securing your rights in a new house in which you are shifting and only one way out is to enter into a Commercial Rent Agreement in Noida with your landlord. Similarly, if you are a landlord and renting your house, apartment, and flat for residential purposes then to secure your rights Rent Agreement is the most necessary document.

Rent Agreement Service Near Me

The Rent Agreement is a document which contains the terms and conditions on which the landlord gives his premises on rent to the tenant. Some of the important points that are covered in the Rent Agreement are:

  • Details of the landlord
  • Details of the tenant
  • Details of the property
  • Tenure of the rent agreement
  • Per month rent
  • Security deposit
  • Payment of other charges like electricity bill, maintenance charges etc.
  • Notice period to vacate the premises
  • Any other specific condition as agreed between the landlord and tenant

Legal Aspect

  • If the rental agreement is for 11 months then no registration of the rental agreement will be required and the rent agreement could be done on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper along with notarization of the agreement.
  • If the rental agreement is for more than 11 months then the registration of the same would be required.

Types of Rent Agreement

  1. Residential Rent Agreement
  2. Rent Agreement for hostel accommodation
  3. Rent Agreement for P.G. (Paying Guest)
  4. Rent Agreement for 11 Months
  5. Rent / Lease Agreement for more than 11 Months
  6. Commercial Rent Agreement
  7. Leave & License Agreement

The drafting of the above agreements would depend upon the need and requirements of the person seeking to enter into the Rent Agreement. role in providing Rent Agreement:

  • PREPARATION TIME – 1 Hour after we receive the details for preparing the Rent Agreement
  • VALUE OF THE STAMP PAPER – Rs. 100 (Will be provided by us)
  • NOTARY – Required (Will be provided by us) specializes in drafting of Rent Agreements Affidavits, different commercial contracts & agreements and has an expert team of professionals including Lawyers, Company Secretaries and drafting experts.

The main aim of easy drafting is to draft and provide the document without any hassle which we face in our day to day life while dealing with legal matter.

We at easy drafting make this process friendly and provide desired documents and advise to the end user effortlessly and that too at economical cost.

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