Commercial Office Rent Agreement in Noida

Commercial Office Agreement in Noida

The commercial activities in Noida- India’s fastest growing business hub-is increasing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. A good number of companies and business organizations look for offices in this vibrant city to run their company/warehouse/firm and earn profits. A properly selected commercial office helps a company to deal with a large number of customers on a daily basis, sell more products and services, and generate lots of revenue. For rent offices, retail pavilions, warehouses, etc, both individuals need to sign a Commercial office agreement in Noida.

A Brief Introduction to Commercial Office Agreement in Noida

High risk is involved when the landlord authorizes a company to use his/her property for different commercial activities. Non-payment of rent, damage to the premises, illegal possession of the rented office, etc, often worries the landlord. In the same way, companies worry about disturbance from landowners. They often fear of landlord’s desire to obstruct the use of the premises, early termination of the contract by the lessor when changing the owner, refusal to renew the contract for a new one term. Commercial office Agreement in Noida protects the right of both parties.

At Easy drafting, We help individuals to draft a commercial real estate lease agreement as per the applicable laws. A properly drafted commercial office agreement in Noida confirms the transaction and regulating all subsequent legal interactions between the parties: the lessor (those who rent the property) and the tenant (those who rent it).

Always keep in mind that the signing of the lease is preceded by negotiations. At this stage, the presence of title documents confirming the landlord’s legal rights to the object is checked, the eligibility of the parties to the contract, their legal status and powers, the rental conditions are discussed in detail.

Our expert professionals work actively on your behalf to help you conclude a beneficial commercial office agreement in Noida. The contract some outlines various important points such as

  • Evaluation of property papers to check the claims made by a landlord,
  • Condition of real estate at the time of signing the contract,
  • Rent, payment of current, utilities and other expenses,
  • Rights and obligations of the parties,
  • Responsibility of both parties in the event of force majeure,
  • Terms of conditions of the contract and details of both parties.

Such an agreement indicates the full exact address (actual and postal) of the property being leased, its area (footage), cadastral number, number of storeys of the building. A plan of the room (building) is attached with an indication of redevelopment if any.

A separate paragraph highlights the condition of the leased property and the existence of an act of transferring it to the lease.

The obligatory and most important clause of the contract, which is prescribed carefully and in detail, is the rent: the amount, frequency and timing of payment, affordability, any change in the rent. The main responsibilities of the lessor include maintaining the facility in working condition, carrying out major repairs. The tenant’s duties include performing cosmetic and minor maintenance, maintaining cleanliness and order at the leased facility, timely payment.

However, when making a long-term lease, the parties come to other agreements, for example, overhaul can be carried out by the tenant independently and at his/her own expense. One way or another, all other obligations are reflected in writing in the contract. Only then, they will have legal force and a guarantee of compliance.

Our Role

It is clear that the preparation of such a serious document as a lease of commercial real estate requires a careful and professional approach. Therefore, in order to avoid possible violations resulting in non-fulfillment of contractual obligations, contact us ASAP. Our drafting experts will help you draft an appropriate commercial office agreement in Noida, give you peace of mind and protect the interest of both parties as per the applicable law. Contact us now for drafting a commercial office agreement in Noida. We are happy to help you!

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