Power of Attorney in Delhi

Power of Attorney in Delhi

There comes a time when a person is not able to manage his affairs himself. So, they find a better option to appoint an attorney who can look after their affairs. It is advised to have a power of attorney deed in order to have clarity between the parties. The power of attorney should be given to a trustworthy person. The power of attorney can be revoked, renewed or cancelled on the choice of the person who is granting the power.

Power of Attorney Deed

Power of attorney deed is a legal document by which a person gives the power to another person to perform on his behalf in matters relating to property, banking, legal and judicial proceedings etc. because of many reasons such as being out of country, getting old etc. The person who grants the power to another to act on his behalf is called Donor or Principal. The person to whom power is granted is called Donee or Attorney.

Benefits of Power of Attorney

  • It provides transparency in the affairs which is to be handled by the attorney.
  • It acts as a protection against costly court proceedings in the event principal becomes incompetent.
  • It can be used in different scenarios to assist them in both day to day affairs as well as complex legal arrangements.


Details to be included in Power of Attorney

Following details should be included in Power of Attorney:

  • Name, age, address and occupation of the Principal.
  • Name of the attorney.
  • Reason for granting the power of attorney that should be legally valid.
  • Date and place of making the power of attorney deed and date from which it comes into force.
  • Date of termination of power of attorney if it is limited by time. If no time is stated then mention whether the power of attorney is durable or non-durable.

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