Will in Delhi

Will in Delhi

Will is a legal document that sets out how the distribution of land, properties and assets is to be kept after the death of the individual executing the will. You may also alter the conditions specified in the will thereafter. The will comes into effect only after the death of the testator of that will. The key benefit of the will is that you have the sole right to determine who gets what share of the property and who doesn’t.

Benefits of will

  • It avoids conflicts between the family members.
  • It reduces inheritance tax.
  • It provides transparency to the parties regarding their role and share.

Details to be included in a Will

Following should be included in a Will:

  • Details of Testator
  • Details of Executor
  • Details of beneficiary, relationship with Testator, assets bestowed
  • Will declaration by Testator
  • Witnesses

How we can help you?

 We at Easy Drafting, aim to provide you assistance in drafting the Will. We have a team of renowned lawyers and legal experts. They are familiar with all ifs and buts. In case you also want to consult our experts, you can contact us any time. They will assist you in best possible way. We are happy to help you.



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