Special Power of Attorney in Noida

Special Power of Attorney in Noida

Noida being one of the busiest commercial as well as residential place a person at time cannot handle all his affairs on his own. Thus, due to certain circumstances a person can authorise a attorney for a specific or certain purpose or area of interest. As the name suggest Special power of attorney is granted for a specific purpose and limited to that purpose only. The agreement comes to an end as soon as the task is completed by the agent.

Benefits of getting a Power Of Attorney for Property in Noida

  • The agreement mentions the specific purpose/task for which the agent is being appointed for and narrows down the choices that the agent can make.
  • The Special Power of Attorney deed specifies under what circumstances the agent has power and what power’s he have.
  • It is a written document that is legally binding, thus protecting the parties from unnecessary disputes or confusions relating to power that may arise later on.
  • The agreement specifies the time period for which the agreement is valid for so that the agent does not misuse his power.
  • The deed provides clarity to both the Principle and the Agent.

How we can help you?

Drafting a Special Power of attorney is a very cautious piece of work. It is very important that the drafting is done very carefully while keeping in mind all the important minor details regarding latest law and regulations while drafting such agreement. As it is made for a specific purpose or circumstances it becomes important that all other clauses are carefully drafted so that there are no unnecessary complications later on. But worry not our team at “Easy Drafting” comprise of Talented Legal Experts who expertise in drafting legal agreements. So, stop worrying and Contact us anytime. We will not only draft your Special Power of Attorney in Noida agreement but also provide with all necessary assistance required.

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