Will In Favor Of Multiple Beneficiaries in Greater Noida

Will In Favor Of Multiple Beneficiaries in Greater Noida

Anybody who desires to distribute his/her wealth to his/her near and dear ones after his death is advised to have a will. Some of the people give their property to their husband/wife and children but sometimes they wish to give some share of their assets to their brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunt, niece, cousin, friend or any other person whom they like. Will helps in avoiding disputes between the family members.

A will is a legal document representing the desires of an individual (testator) to transfer the property after his / her death and under which individual (executor) maintains the property before its final distribution.

The details should be mentioned clearly in the will and there should not be ambiguity, words should not be confusing or meaningless.

Registration of will is not compulsory but a registered will always help in avoiding conflict between family members and nobody can question the validity or authenticity of will.

Details to be included in Will

The following details should be included in a will:

  • Details of Testator
  • Details of Beneficiaries and their share
  • Details of Property
  • Assets should be described specifically
  • In case of beneficiary who is minor, then the details of guardian for minors
  • Executor of Will
  • Date and Signature

Benefits of Will

Will is a document for property planning that many people never take time to make. You will build a commitment with each of your estate planning goals. You will also find out how many things you deal with after your death.

Following are some benefits of will:

  • Property is shared as per Testator’s wish
  • Prohibits family dispute
  • Reduces Inheritance tax etc.

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