Paying Guest in Delhi

Paying Guest in Delhi

People prefer staying in Delhi as a paying guest rather than purchasing their own house as property rates are very high in Delhi. A lot of amenities are provided while you are staying as a paying guest. Whereas there may be problem also between the tenant and landlord. It is advised to get a paying guest agreement in order to avoid the conflicts.

Paying Guest Agreement in Delhi

 The agreement determines the procedure and lays down conditions under which the owner of house allows paying guest to stay with him within his premises and also provides facilities. It must comprise of names of parties who are involved, the description of premises allotted, code of conduct expected, security deposit etc.

Benefits of Paying Guest Agreement in Delhi 

  • This document protects the interest of both the parties.
  • It allows landlord to get the compensation amount for the damaged property.
  • It protects paying guest from sudden increase in fees.
  • If there is violation of any terms specified in the agreement, any of the parties can seek the help of law enforcement agencies.

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