Affidavit of Name Change in Delhi

Affidavit of Name Change in Delhi

Most people change their name due to various reasons such as personal preference, marriage, change of religion, numerological advice, etc. In that situation, an affidavit of name change can be evidence of a person’s identity.

It is helpful for those who have used a name that has not been changed officially by a court or through marriage.

Affidavit of name change is a document in which a person certifies the names which have been used by him/her.

Once the affidavit is notarized, a person should immediately publish the change of name in two local newspapers:

  • Daily publishing news in the local language of the state
  • Local English newspaper

Benefits of Affidavit of Name Change

  • It acts as a person’s identity proof.
  • It offers transparency and ensures accountability to not only the person changing his name but also to all the services which he has availed in his old name.

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