Marriage Certificate in Noida

We Simplify Procedure For Register The Marriage In  Noida. We Assist To Get Married Legally And Get Marriage Certificate Quickly In Three Easy Steps. Register Your Marriage and Get Certifiable in Nodia

Hindu Marriage Certificate in Noida

We provide Exclusive Hindu Marriage Registration services for Hindu couples in  Delhi, Noida, (NCR).

Special Marriage Certificate in Noida

We provide Exclusive Special Marriage Registration services for inter religious couples in Delhi, Noida, (NCR).

Foreigner Marriage Certificate in Noida

We provide Exclusive Marriage Registration services for foreigner couples in Delhi, Noida, (NCR).

Register your Marriage - Marriage Certificate in NCR

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The couples those who not aware of marriage registration procedure and those who looking for marriage registration consultancy/Court marriage lawyer to complete the registration in quick process and to get marriage certificate on same day can utilize this marriage registration consultancy services.

The couples those who avail this service, has to bare the necessary service charges for legal assistance and actual registration expenses separately.

If you are looking for private marriage registration consultancy / Court marriage lawyer in Delhi, Noida, (NCR). then you are the right place.

Marriage Certificate and Affidavit in Noida

A marriage affidavit & Marriage Certificate in Noida is generally used to provide proof of a legal union between two people. It is a legally binding document and as such, you should not take signing this document lightly. There are several reasons why you may need to draft a marriage affidavit and there are also different types of marriage affidavits. State laws regarding marriage affidavits can vary from state to state.

Many states provide a form that you can use to complete a marriage affidavit. The type of marriage affidavit you complete depends on your state of residence and the affidavit’s purpose. However, you generally must sign a marriage affidavit in the presence of at least one witness and you may need to have it notarized as well. Since this is a legally binding document, you must follow the procedure of your state to execute a legally recognized document. In some instances, both parties must sign the affidavit, while in other instances only one party has to sign.

By signing a marriage affidavit you are signing under penalty of perjury that to the best of your knowledge you and your spouse are married. If you and your spouse are not married and you sign the marriage affidavit with this knowledge, you can face harsh penalties. This legal responsibility applies to the witnesses who sign your affidavit as well. role in providing Marriage Affidavit:

  • PLACE                                                    NOIDA
  • PREPARATION TIME                    30 minutes after we receive the details  for preparing the marriage affidavit
  • VALUE OF THE STAMP PAPER 100 (Will be provided by us)
  • NOTARY                                   Required (Will be provided by us) specializes in drafting of affidavits, Rent agreement, different contracts & agreements and has an expert team of professionals including Lawyers, Company Secretaries and drafting experts.

The main aim of easy drafting is to draft and provide the document without any hassle which we face in our day to day life while dealing with legal matter.

We at easy drafting make this process friendly and provide desired documents and advise to the end user effortlessly and at minimum cost. To get Marriage Affidavit in Noida please visit

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