Will in Greater Noida

Will in Greater Noida

Life is unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen in your life. Life is always throwing us this way and that so, it is advisable to make a will in order to avoid future disputes between family members. A will is not only for the rich and wealthy people nor is it a mandate for aged persons. Even if a person has small property, jewelry, or cash and he wishes to bestow them to the loved one after his/her death, should make a will as it will help him avoid a legal battle between his family members relating to inheritance of wealth.

A legal document in Greater Noida or perhaps around the world, a “will” is a document that shows a person’s desire to share his / her wealth after death. The investments can include movable as well as immovable properties. It provides for the legal heirs a well-defined sequence plan and guarantees the free distribution of holdings in crisis.

Registration of a Will is not compulsory but it is advised to get the will registered as it will always help in clearing any future issues among the heirs.

Details to be included in a Will

Following should be included in a Will:

  • Details of Testator
  • Details of Executor
  • Details of the beneficiary, relationship with Testator, assets bestowed
  • Will declaration by Testator
  • Witnesses

Benefits of Will

Will is a vital document for property planning that many people never take the time to make. You will build a commitment with each of your estate planning goals. You will also find out how many things you deal with after your death.

Following are some benefits of will:

  • Property is shared as per Testator’s wish
  • Prohibits family dispute
  • Reduces Inheritance tax etc.

How we can help you?

We at Easy Drafting, aim to provide you assistance in drafting the Will. We have a team of renowned lawyers and legal experts. In case you also want to consult our experts, you can contact us any time. We are happy to help you.


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