Commercial Shop Agreement in Greater Noida

Commercial Shop Agreement in Greater Noida

People look for a commercial shop on rent in Greater Noida rather than purchasing a property. If they want to have a shop on rent, then they are required to prepare a commercial shop agreement to avoid any conflict with other person or the owner of property. The agreement protects the rights of both the parties and both of them are abide by the agreement. It should be compulsorily registered.

Important Terms of Commercial Shop Agreement

It is very important to state the mandatory terms or clauses in a Commercial Agreement. The terms or clauses are as follows:

  • Details of the tenant
  • Details of the landowner
  • Details of the leased property
  • Base Rent, Deposit, Maintenance Charges
  • Addition or alteration to structures
  • Right to Sublease
  • Working Hours in the property
  • Consequences of breach of contract
  • Terms and Conditions of renewal

How Commercial Shop Agreement benefits you?

  • It is beneficial for landlord and business organizers.
  • Less chances of conflicts between landlords and tenants regarding rent, damages etc.
  • It protects the rights of both the parties.

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