If you don’t have the time or resources to do all your own advertising, public relations and promotions, you can use a full-service marketing consultancy. Before starting the relationship, prepare a marketing agreement or contract that lists details covering the scope of the work to be done as well as the time it will cover. Marketing agreements should be structured to include the duties and expectations of all contract participants.

A marketing agreement typically grants exclusive rights to the marketing agency or consultant for servicing a specific product in a defined territory for a specified period of time. The client and the consultant should be clearly identified in the contract. Marketing services include advertising, press releases and media conferences, social media, promotional events, product launches and any other means of marketing your business. The agreement usually states that no other marketing firm will be used during the time frame specified in the agreement.

A marketing agreement has a start date and an expiration date. Marketing agreements typically run one to two years, with a clause that gives you the right to continue the contract for another year or terminate the relationship. The exact amount of payment should be designated in the agreement as well as when payments will be made. For example, if you agree to pay monthly for the services, include that in the agreement with the date when each installment will be due. It’s not unusual to pay a lump sum for an annual contract. role in providing Marketing Agreement:

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